Kiwi Taste

the little shop, with the big taste

BURGERS (all made with toasted buns fresh lettuce beetroot red onion and tomato)


Beef Burger (Beef pattie tomato relish aioli) $9.50

Cheese Burger (Beef pattie cheese tomato relish aioli) $9.50

Egg Burger (  Beef pattie egg relish aioli) $9.50

Gourmet Range

Bacon & Egg (Beef pattie bacon egg relish aioli) $10.50

Hawaiian (Beef pattie bacon cheese pineapple relish aioli) $10.50

Steak (Beef pattie  sirloin steak relish aioli) $14.50

Chicken (Crumbed chicken breast cranberry sauce aioli) $9.50

Fish (Battered fish fillet tartare sauce aioli)$9.50

Vegetarian (Vege Fritter cheese pineapple relish aioli) $10.00

Extra fillings (Ham Cheese Onion Corn Pineapple) $1 each

Bacon or Egg $1.80 each



Chicken coop (6 chicken nuggets with chips)$7.00

Fisherman's Catch (6 fish bites with chips) $7.00

Squid Basket (6 squid rings with chips) $7.00

Minitarian (6 mini spring rolls with chips) $7.00

Beef Nachos (served with corn chips cheese & sour cream)$10.00

American Hot Dog (Frankfurter cheese onion mustard & sauce $6.00



Salad $4.50

Mashed Potato $4.50

Steamed Rice $4.50



Fish & Chips $17.00

Lightly battered fish of the day with chips & salad of the day

Beef & Salad $25

Sirloin Steak chips and salad

Bangers & Mash $15.00

Beef Sausages with Mash and minted peas

Vegetarian $15.00

Vegetarian fritters with steamed vegetables

Seafood Basket $!8

A selection of battered and crumbed seafood Fish scallop mussels prawns & squid served with fries

Dessert $5.50

Cake of the day, served with ice cream



Small chips $3.50

Large chips $4.50

Seasoned Wedges $6.00

Sausage $3.00

Battered Hot Dog $3.50

Hash Brown $2.00

Pineapple Fritter $1.50


Scallop $2.50

Mussel $1.00

Prawn Cutlet $1.30

Crab Stick $2.00

Battered Fish

John Dory $5.50

COD (Chefs preference) $4.00



Buttered Bread (2 slices) 70cents

Garlic Roll $4.50